Automating TV torrent downloads

I want Stooge, my NAS to be able to keep track of my favorite shows, and download new episodes when they come out.

I made TV Party to do this exactly how I want, which is to say: no frills, simple REST API, easy to work with, and no dependencies other than node & npm-installed libs.

Installing/Configuring Stuff

Make sure you update node. After that, do this:

sudo -s
git clone /usr/local/share/tvparty && cd /usr/local/share/tvparty && npm install


Now, make /usr/local/share/tvparty/conf/settings.json look like this:

    "username": "USER",
    "password": "PASSWORD",
    "host": "",
    "port": "9091",
    "updateTime": 15,
    "serve_port": 3000,

Run node app.js and you can visit http://localhost:{SERVE_PORT}/ to mess with your subscriptions.


Now, we want this to run when Stooge starts up. He is running Ubuntu Server 12.10. Let's copy to /etc/init.d/tvparty. Now, add it to default start/stop: update-rc.d tvparty defaults