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Automated Clustered Load Testing with EC2 & node

Posted 05/10/2013

I made a simple little clustered testing system, using NodeStressSuite. Basically, I want it to launch a bunch of instances, clobber a server, then remove all the machines.

This is all automated, so you just run the EC2-builder, and run it. This is basically a legit use of a DDOS botnet. Here is how I did it.

To get my loadtester, check out the github page.

Testing Framework

NodeStressSuite is a still-developed version of nodeload. It’s a lot like Apache’s ab, but written in javascript, multi-suystem concurrent, and fancy! Be sure to go check it out to get an idea of the cool stuff you can do with it.

Here is how I added it to my project:

npm install --save "git://github.com/Samuel29/NodeStressSuite.git#master"

This will install nss.

Modular tests

I want to be able to just plug-in a modular test, whenever I need to test something new. I want to include all the options needed to test a server. Here is the basic test I wrote, which includes all the options to stress-test http://jetboystudio.com. I save it as jetboy.js:

// simple 3 minutes test

module.exports = {
    name: "jetboy",
    comment:"Simple load test for Jetboy Studio",
    host: 'www.jetboystudio.com',
    port: 80,
    timeLimit: 180,
    loadProfile: [[0,0], [180,400] ],
    stats: [
        {name: 'latency', percentiles: [0.95]},
    requestGenerator: function(client) {
        return client.request({method:'GET', path: '/'});

This is a simple 3 minute stress test. Your test will probably be a bit differnt, just have a look at nss and my test for inspiration.

Do some testing

Make ~/.aws to look like this:

    "endpoint": "us-west-2"

Obviously, replace the Doctor Who reference with your AWS credentials, and set endpoint to your favorite zone (us-west-2: Portland, represent!) Make a keypair called deploy and create a security-group called loadtest that opens ports 22 (ssh) and 3000 (default test port.)

So, now that we have a test setup, let’s spin-up a bunch of AWS instances to run it:

loadtest --instances=5 jetboy.js

This will turn on 5 AWS instances, and wait for them, then send the test. You can view the output at http://localhost:3000

To see your available options, run loadtest --help


Cool SSH Trick

I have a generic disposable SSH keypair for working on projects on AWS. I like to not have to remember dumb details (especially when I’m drunk.)

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