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  • JS project scaffolding
    This is an opinionated quickstart-quide for a couple types of projects. I use a mac for development, but the same basic procedures should apply in other environments. For all things, I prefer ES6, and...
  • Review: Building Voice-Enabled Apps with Alexa
    I got a free copy of Building Voice-Enabled Apps with Alexa by Kory Becker, to do a review. At first glance, I thought it would be a sort of dumb history-lesson of chat-based apps, from a non-tech...
  • The Making of GothLappy, My Sweet Hackintosh Laptop
    I realized this article about my hackintosh desktop is pretty basic and rough, and I thought I would go into more detail about installing OSX Sierra (10.12) with my new Acer Aspire E5-575 laptop. I...
  • Windows Dev Tools
    I wrote this article earlier about my hackintosh development setup. Sometimes we’re stuck on Windows for whatever reason, so this is how I setup my dev-environment when I have to use Windows. It’s...
  • Make your own protoc plugin super-fast with nodejs
    I made protoc-plugin to make it easier to write protoc plugins in nodejs. Protoc is a cool program that google made to generate code from protobuf descriptions. If you’re not familiar with good...
  • Dev Tools (Revisited)
    I wrote this article earlier about my development setup. I thought I would write my current setup process, in greater detail, with new tools and config. I’m just now setting up everything from scratch...
  • Hackintosh
    I have put together a few Hackintoshes over the years, but I was having trouble upgrading to OSX 10.12 (Sierra.) I left my machine alone, and just booted into Windows for a while, which made me very...
  • blogging with gatsby
    I wanted to make a static blog that used react to render, and generated pages for noscript people (and SEO.) This is about my awesome gatsby starter you can use yourself. If you want to skip ahead to...
  • Staging Server with Dokku

    Here is how I setup my staging server to show clients progress.

  • Make a List of Books with GooglDocs

    I needed to make a list of my audiobooks for my girlfriend. Since I am an obsessed software engineer, here is how I did it. Let this be a lesson in software problem-solving.

  • Daydrunk Hipsters Rejoice

    So, lately I have been super-into brunch.

  • Humble Bundle in Emulator
    I have a bunch of Humble Bundle Android games that I wanted to play on our house entertainment computer (hooked up to a projector!) Here is how I did it. This is also a guide if you want a really fast...
  • Music player in Angular.js
    Here I will teach you to make an Angular app that plays music, with reusable components that are packaged in single directories. This will allow you to use the same audio controller in multiple apps...
  • Bootstrap tagging

    I had a need for a mongodb-driven tagging widget. The idea is that you get nice tags that you can add & remove, and it knows about tags that are already present.

  • Virtualbox Networking

    Virtualbox networking can be tricky.

  • Facebook PHP kinda sucks, here's how to make it better
    Deving for Facebook apps kinda sucks using server-side PHP. PHP’s lib is not 100% with all browsers and has lil glitches if you don’t do it right, and you gotta really pay attention to a lot of...
  • Arduino Serial Port Trick
    Recently, I was making code on an Arduino Uno, that also needed to run on a Mega 2560. The Mega has 4 Harware serial ports, and the Uno has one. I wanted it to auto-create Serial1, if needed, so I...
  • Cool SSH Trick

    I have a generic disposable SSH keypair for working on projects on AWS. I like to not have to remember dumb details (especially when I’m drunk.)

  • Automated Clustered Load Testing with EC2 & node
    I made a simple little clustered testing system, using NodeStressSuite. Basically, I want it to launch a bunch of instances, clobber a server, then remove all the machines. This is all automated, so...
  • Automating TV torrent downloads

    I want Stooge, my NAS to be able to keep track of my favorite shows, and download new episodes when they come out.

  • Making a Safari Extension to handle torrent clicks
    Earlier I talked about my awesome media/storage server named “stooge”. I want stooge to handle all the torrents on my network. I saw some good extensions for Firefox & Chrome, but not Safari...
  • Merging Multiple Partitions
    Earlier I talked about my awesome media/storage server named “stooge”. I got 2 new 2TB SATA drives and wanted to merge them in a cool way without data-loss & reverse-usability and expense issues...
  • Creating a media-enabled Ubuntu NAS

    I wanted a media-server that would stream to any devices I have on my local network, and allow my housemates & I to download torrents and share files on a central shared machine.

  • Turning a Teensy++ 2 into a full AVRISP-MKII clone (better)
    Previously I went through a lot of hoops to figure out how to compile a Teensy version of a burner for my XMEGA. This is a simpler version of those instructions. And if you just want the hex file...
  • Turning a Teensy++ 2 into a full AVRISP-MKII clone

    I needed a way to program the XMEGA100 breakout board from Sparkfun, and didn’t have a “real programmer”.

  • Dev Tools
    I am very particular about my environment. It’s not Mac-specific things. I use a cross-platform text-editor Sublime Text 2 and you can use/add bash on any OS/computer. It’s specific interfacey things...
  • How to quickly fix a mis-named user

    Recently, I was setting up an Ubuntu VirtualMachine, and drukenly mistyped the primary username.

    This is pretty easy to fix very quickly, thought I would share.

  • updated node.js on Ubuntu

    I was having funny little issues on Ubuntu 12.10 64bit, and realized that it was using a really old version of node.

  • Gameboy development environment
    I do a lot of weird code stuff. Recently, I was writing a ROM for a Gameboy hardware-platform. Here is how I set it up my dev environment on Mac OS 10.8.2. A lot of “old-timers” I talked to would...
  • Easy dev environment, on any computer

    If you are like me, you want a full LAMP stack on your box while developing, and don’t want it to mess with your other stuff.